3 piece tongue and groove cabinet making set

CMT has developed a tongue and groove cabinet making system that derives from the superior traditional European methods of joinery. Combine the CMT tongue and groove system with the ease and speed of new world pocket hole methods and you have the versatility to build single cabinets or entire kitchens! The CMT Tongue and Groove Set includes a matched set that produce a 6,35mm x 6,35mm (1/4? x 1/4") tongue. The feature of the CMT system that sets it apart from other tongue and groove sets is that the tongue is offset to one side of the joint. This system produces a stronger joint allowing for more drilling area when used in conjunction with the CMT Pocket Pro when employing face frame screws. When the Pocket Pro is set at the one inch setting the screw will bypass the tongue and get a full bite in the grooved section, producing a much stronger joint. In some cabinet making applications, it is necessary to trim portions of the tongue. For this reason, we have included a 12,7mm (1/2") shank flush trim bit to complete the three piece set. The CMT tongue and groove joint is used in every element of joining, cabinets. When used in conjunction with the CMT Pocket Pro System you will be able to employ the best facets of traditional European joinery with new world methods for face frame joints and in completely concealed areas where bottoms, sides and dividers are attached to the face frame. The original CMT Tongue and Groove Cabinet Making System is manufactured in Italy. You can be assured that you are buying original CMT products by analyzing the shank of CMT router bits. All genuine CMT bits have the words, ?Made in Italy? laser etched into the shank.
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HW  12,7 mm. 800.526.11 product available
€ 76,02
VAT inc. € 93,50

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