75mm (2-15/16") Carbide Grit Radial Saw Blade.

75mm Carbide Grit Radial Saw Blade



Carbide Grit.



radial saw blade for tiles, plasterboard, porous concretes construction materials and reworking planked deck joints.



The economic option to the diamond tools for very hard epoxy resin or cement joints, milling of wall joints or floors,
carving grooves on porous concrete, for laying of cables and pipes concealed. Ideal to work close to the corners and edges.
Thin kerf version, cutting width approx 1,2mm.

K Descr. DIM QTY Code Ava. Price Quantity
3/64" mm. STARLOCK® Arbor  2-15/16"  OMF125-X1 product available
€ 22,44
VAT inc. € 27,60
3/64" mm. STARLOCK® Arbor  2-15/16"  OMF125-X5 product available
€ 100,62
VAT inc. € 123,76

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