Lettering CMT router bits (60°)

The ideal bit for routing signs. CMT has designed a bit with a 60° curved profile, a 3,2mm (1/8°) radius and a flattened bottom to make relief letter-making easy and accurate. This exclusive design allows you to efficiently level off the area around the base of the letter and bevel the letter edges to eliminate aggravating splintering.

The top bearing guide allows for even more precise decorative effects.

D I L S Code Ava. Price Quantity
28,5 mm. 19 mm. 63,5 mm. 12,7 mm. 849.501.11B product available
€ 33,14
VAT inc. € 40,76
28 mm. 19 mm. 63,5 mm. 12 mm. 949.502.11B product available
€ 33,14
VAT inc. € 40,76

Spare parts

849.501.11B 541.002.00
949.502.11B 541.005.00

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