Slot cutter sets

Create slots, grooves and rabbets easily with these CMT slot cutters sets. Ideal for biscuit joints and milling perfect tongue-and-groove joints, these sets include 4 bearings allowing different cutting depths: 7,95mm (5/16?), 9,55mm (3/8?), 12,7mm (1/2?) and 14,3mm (9/16?). Please refer to the drawings for some application examples and the correct cutter combinations. Safety tips: never use these slot cutters set without shims between the cutters. The distance between the cutters can vary from 1mm (3/64?) to 1,7mm (1/16?). A shim must also be positioned between the ball bearings and the cutters.
D Material S Code Ava. Price Quantity
47,6 mm. HW  12,7 mm. 823.001.11 product available
€ 158,37
VAT inc. € 194,80
HW  8 mm. 923.001.11 product available
€ 158,37
VAT inc. € 194,80

Spare parts

823.001.11 822.316.11 824.128.10
923.001.11 822.320.11 924.080.10

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