Slot cutters

Uses for the CMT three wing slot cutter are almost infinite. Cut slots and grooves for splines, biscuits, T-molding or tongue and groove joints. Every cutter features anti-kickback design, micrograin carbide tips and the trademarked orange non-stick PTFE coating.

D I L S Code Ava. Price Quantity
54 mm. 3 mm. 56 mm. 12,7 mm. 822.016.11B product available
€ 32,89
VAT inc. € 40,45
54 mm. 3 mm. 56 mm. 12 mm. 922.016.11B product available
€ 32,89
VAT inc. € 40,45

Spare parts

822.016.11B 791.011.00 822.016.11B
922.016.11B 791.011.00 922.016.11B

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