Standard reversible knives 30?

Dimensions in table refer to L (length) x H (height) x K (thickness). GRADES HARDNESS TRANSVERSE RUPTURE STRENGTH HV10(EU) HRA(USA) MPA(EU) PSI(USA) F1730 1730 92.5 2100 305.000 S2020 2020 93.9 3700 536.500 U2300 2300 95.2 3500 508.000 N2550 2550 / 3200 464.000 F1730 Suitable for dry and wet softwood, dry and wet hardwood. S2020 Suitable for dry and wet hardwood, chipboard and MDF. U2300 Suitable for chipboard, MDF and HDF. N2550 Suitable for chipboard, MDF, HDF and solid surface materials. 



The final price is per box (10 Knives in Total)

CMT knife box is supplied free of charge

D Material DIM I L Code Ava. Price Quantity
22 mm. S2020  22x19x2  19 mm. 2 mm. 790.220.02. product available
€ 20,01
VAT inc. € 24,61

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