Super-duty flush trim router bits

These new super duty bits represent the finest of the extensive line of CMT flush trim bits with ball bearing guides. A negative shear angle cutting edge and 19mm (3/4") cutting diameter set CMT flush trim bits apart from standard bits. Work quickly and safely to get a superior finishing with absolute minimal chipping. Safety tip: dust and chips from laminate materials are hazardous to your health and safety. Always wear a dust mask and eye protection when routing.

D I L S Code Ava. Price Quantity
19 mm. 25,4 mm. 86,5 mm. 12,7 mm. 806.691.11 product available
€ 25,82
VAT inc. € 31,76
19 mm. 25,4 mm. 86,5 mm. 12 mm. 906.691.11 product available
€ 25,82
VAT inc. € 31,76

Spare parts

806.691.11 541.550.00
906.691.11 541.550.00

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