Table edge and hand rail router bits

Turn a small investment into a big return with these CMT bits! They give you well-proportioned smooth curves for elegant eye-catchy work on your tables. CMT hand rail bits feature 30? bevel edge and 3,2mm (1/8") bead that allow you to make beautiful and functional hand rails. Add a touch of class to your architectural settings!

Safety tips: these profile bits remove large amounts of stock and make consistent quantities of dust. We recommend using a vacuum to keep the work area safe.

D I L S Code Ava. Price Quantity
63,5 mm. 19 mm. 67,9 mm. 12 mm. 956.601.11 product available
€ 62,16
VAT inc. € 76,46
35 mm. 38 mm. 87 mm. 12 mm. 956.701.11 product available
€ 55,83
VAT inc. € 68,67
25,4 mm 31,7 mm. 38,1 mm. 87 mm. 12 mm. 956.702.11 product available
€ 83,30
VAT inc. € 102,46

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