Upcut spiral bits with chipbreaker for glue-laminated wooden beams

TECHNICAL FEATURES: -High speed cobalt steel. -3 upcut spiral cutting edges with chipbreaker (Z3R). -Upward chip ejection. -Resharpenable (max. 6000~10000 times). -Maximum feed speed 2m/minute. Item number Y195.300.51 is available on request. On request we also manufacture bits without chipbreaker, with left-hand rotation and also in custom dimentions.

D DX/SX Z Material I L S Code Ava. Price Quantity
40 mm. DX  3R  HS  165 mm. 235 mm. 30 mm. 195.400.51 product available
€ 385,17
VAT inc. € 473,76
50 mm. DX  3R  HS  215 mm. 295 mm. 30 mm. 195.500.51 product available
€ 691,76
VAT inc. € 850,87

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