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Silverline 2050W Plunge Router 1/2"


Variable speed control and soft-start eliminates machine movement on start-up. 50mm plunge depth with fine adjustment dial. Spindle lock for easy router...

From € 105,69 (€ 130,00 VAT inc.)

1450W Sliding Mitre Saw 210mm


Powerful 1450W motor and precision clean cutting 210mm 24T blade. Lightweight transportable design. Smooth dual bar sliding system. Precise laser cut...

From € 105,68 (€ 129,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline 1050W Angle Grinder 125mm


Powerful 1050W motor for grinding and cutting metals, stone and concrete. Also compatible with wire cup brushes and flap discs for rapid removal of...

From € 65,03 (€ 79,99 VAT inc.)

GMC 550W Auto-Feed Drywall Screwdriver


Auto-feed driver for fast, repeated driving of screws into plasterboard/drywall and wood. Fast click-fit assembly. Can be used as a powered single screwdriver...

From € 97,56 (€ 120,00 VAT inc.)

GMC 750W Pendulum Action Jigsaw with Laser Guide


Magnesium construction for unrivalled strength, durability and lightness in weight. Laser line generator for improved operator cutting vision, accuracy,...

From € 73,17 (€ 90,00 VAT inc.)

GMC 18V Cordless Circular Saw 165mm


Compact cordless circular saw with 4.0Ah Li-ion high capacity battery and intelligent 80min charger. Cast aluminium base for lightness, strength and...

From € 162,60 (€ 199,99 VAT inc.)

1200W Sander & Polisher w/ Pads


Mains-powered sander/polisher with 180mm hook and loop backing pad for sanding, polishing and buffing. Variable speed control and sturdy D-handle for...

From € 66,66 (€ 81,99 VAT inc.)

1500W Sander/Polisher + 3 Pads


Car Polisher Package  This dual-purpose power tool is ideal for polishing and buffing car bodywork and for sanding tasks. Speed control...

From € 97,56 (€ 120,00 VAT inc.)

Silverline 1800W Bench Planer


Mains-powered planer with heavy-duty cast base for accurate, smooth planing of wood and plastic surfaces. Adjustable fence tilts between 90° and...

From € 162,60 (€ 199,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline 96W Multipurpose Sharpener


Sharpens HSS drill bits, chisels, knives, scissors, plane irons and other blades. includes jigs for precise set up of sharpening angle. Sharpens quickly...

From € 48,78 (€ 60,00 VAT inc.)

GMC 900W Angle Grinder 115mm


Powerful 900W motor for grinding and cutting metals, stone and masonry. Also compatible with wire cup brushes and flap discs for rapid removal of rust,...

From € 42,27 (€ 51,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline 420W Drum Sander 60mm


Adjustable 0-45° arm angle and quick-fit mechanism for easy tool-free fitting of accessories. Fast effective sanding on a wide range of surfaces....

From € 69,10 (€ 84,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline DIY 350W Drill Press


5-speed belt drive. Chuck/spindle travel 0-50mm with gauge for accurate drilling. Strong cast base and machine table. 13mm keyed chuck capacity.

From € 81,34 (€ 100,05 VAT inc.)

Silverline 8 Inch Hobby Band Saw


Built from aluminium this is powerful DIY bandsaw with a 350W induction motor. Max cutting depth is 80mm and it's max cutting width is 190mm. The...

From € 145,71 (€ 179,22 VAT inc.)

Silverline DIY Router Table with Protractor


Bench-mounted table which combines with a standard router to create a full-featured router table. Capable of shaping, planing, rebating, trenching,...

From € 81,30 (€ 100,00 VAT inc.)

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