3D Router Carver system

Exclusively from your CMT distributor Thanks to the patented 3D Router Carver system, anyone with a plunge router can create beautiful designs in just minutes. Decorate doors, drawers, cabinets, furniture or just about any flat wooden surface with one or more of these designs.

How does it work?

The secret is in the 3D Router Carver Bit and the way that bit interacts with the carving templates. The V-Groove router bit is enclosed in a 45? cone-shaped guide. You rout with the plunge mechanism of your router unlocked, allowing the bit to move up or down as the router moves forward. As the slot in the template get wider, the bit moves down, producing a wider, deeper V-groove. As the slot gets narrower, the bit moves up, and the groove gets narrower and shallower. It sounds simple, and it is! (that?s why the system is patented worldwide).

What do you need to get started?

  • The 3D Router Carver bit.
  • The Carver template of your choice.
  • The holding frame to match your template.
  • Your plunge router.

Be sure the opening in the base of your router is at least 47,6mm (1-7/8") in diametre. If it isn?t, you?ll need to make a sub-base to accept the large diametre of the 3D Carver bit.

Descr. S Code Ava. Price Quantity
3D Router Carver System (RCS-BIT)   12,7 mm. RCS-BIT product available
€ 92,24
VAT inc. € 113,45
3D Router Carver System (RCS-BIT8)  8 mm. RCS-BIT8 product available
€ 92,24
VAT inc. € 113,45

Spare parts

RCS-BIT 990.092.00

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