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CMT offers a wide variety of unique and innovative woodworking systems and accessories. Whether it be the award winning CMT 2050 blade and bit cleaner, the CMT Enlock Joining system, the CMT 3D Router Carver™ system or any of the other systems and products that CMT offers, you will find efficient and effective solutions for many woodworking projects with CMT systems and tools for wood working.

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Organizers for the cutters and boring bits


When you are working on a project you need your tools organized and close to hand. CMT's bit organizer is the perfect solution. This handy moulded...

From € 3,15 (€ 3,87 VAT inc.)

Digital Moisture Meter


Digital moisture gauge with back-lit LCD display. Determines moisture in wood, plaster, concrete and mortar. Ideal for checking firewood, damp walls...

From € 25,71 (€ 31,63 VAT inc.)

Screwdriver Set 100pce


Hardened chrome vanadium blades and tips. Soft-grip handles. Includes drivers: 9 x slotted (3 x 75, 4 x 100, 5 x 75, 5 x 100, 6 x 100, 5 x 150, 6 x...

From € 41,13 (€ 50,59 VAT inc.)

Silverline Assorted Drill Bit Set 204pce


51 HSS titanium-coated drill bits; 42 black finished HSS drill bits; 14 masonry; 18 wood-boring drill bits; 3 pilot drill bits; 47 screwdriver bits;...

From € 44,71 (€ 54,99 VAT inc.)

CMT Professional Tool Bag


- Top zipped wide opening design for easy approaching tools. - Hard rubber bottom keeps bag sturdy, protects content from falls. - 6...

From € 20,02 (€ 24,62 VAT inc.)

CMT Bench Block Set (Set of 4)


Brand New!  These blocks are great for holding your workpiece without any clamps. Their anti-slip surface grip both your bench top and...

From € 17,89 (€ 22,00 VAT inc.)

CMT333 Universal hinges boring system


The innovative CMT333 hinge boring system with 3 spindle-heads allows you to bore holes for any hinge brand, such as Salice, Blum,...

From € 270,00 (€ 332,10 VAT inc.)

Double-edge trimmer


Attach this trimmer to your workpiece, press both ends against the board for a cutting range between 13mm (1/2°) and 25mm (1°), move the trimmer...

From € 6,51 (€ 8,00 VAT inc.)

Edge banding end trimmer DET-002


An indispensable tool for easy and safe end trimming after edge banding. Position the tool on the banding, press down on the handle to operate the blade...

From € 5,36 (€ 6,60 VAT inc.)

Laminate / veneered cutter


A very useful hand tool for clean, splinter-free cuts on laminates and veneered with no waste. Place your material into the fence provided and have...

From € 113,69 (€ 139,83 VAT inc.)

Edge banding iron


TECHNICAL FEATURES: Voltage: 230V. Electric current: 2.5A. Low temperature: 70° ±10°...

From € 44,72 (€ 55,00 VAT inc.)

Digital Height Gauge


Horizontal and vertical measuring. Self-standing for setting cutting depth on router tables and low profiles for backfence adjustment. ...

From € 29,32 (€ 36,06 VAT inc.)

Universal Dovetail Jig


Dovetail joints give a touch of craftsmanship to your work, but many woodworkers avoid these joints, because of their apparent complexity. CMT’s...

From € 7,61 (€ 9,37 VAT inc.)

Half Blind Template


CMT300-T064 ? ? ? Supplied with ?7,8x4mm (5/16" x 5/32") precision guide 899.003.00 To use with CMT dovetail bits: ? ?6x8mm (15/64? x 5/16?)...

From € 58,34 (€ 71,76 VAT inc.)

Through Dovetail Templates


CMT300-T129 ? ? ? Supplied with ?11,1x4mm (7/16" x 5/32") precision guide 899.004.00 ? ? To be used with CMT straight router bits: ?8x25mm...

From € 58,34 (€ 71,76 VAT inc.)

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