Laminate / veneered cutter

A very useful hand tool for clean, splinter-free cuts on laminates and veneered with no waste. Place your material into the fence provided and have the cutter run along the edge of the panel. The two opposing steel-made circular cutting blades mounted on roller bearings will trace the cutting line. Use the micrometer knob on the top of the tool to set the cutting thickness, or adjust the strip width by using the metric/inch scale provided. Loosen the lock knob on the scale, move the metal bracket which holds the fence and tighten the lock knob again on the desired cutting width.



  • Cutting width: 12~110mm (15/32” ~ 4-21/64”).
  • Cutting depth: 0~2mm (0 ~ 5/64”).
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.
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Laminate/ Veneered-Panel Cutter  DET-003 product available
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VAT inc. € 139,83

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