CMT Inlay kit

Beautiful, professional-quality inlays aren?t as difficult as they teem. In fact, they are easy with CMT inlay kit. Just remove and reassemble the small bushing to make the recess in the workpiece and cut out the inlay. Perfect for toy making, puzzle making, lettering and lots of other decorative projects. Use the spiral bit for routing MDF, or the straight bit for natural wood.
Descr. S Code Ava. Price Quantity
Inlay Kit with 3,2mm (1/8") HWM Spiral Bit  6,35 mm. 899.051.00 product available
€ 30,10
VAT inc. € 37,02
Inlay Kit With 3,2mm HWM Straight Bit  6,35 mm. 899.052.00 product available
€ 24,38
VAT inc. € 29,99

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