Kitchen Worktop Jig

FOR PERFECT JOINTS For kitchen worktops from 420mm to 650mm in width, CMT650 is designed to cut kitchen worktop joints with any type of router. Letter code system for different operations makes the jig work much easier and very quick. JIG INCLUDES: -1 phenolic template. -3 zinc-coated steel location bush. -1 adjustable end stop. -1 instruction manual. JIQ REQUIRES: -A portable router. -A ?30mm guide bush. -A ?12mm HW straight bit. -Two clamps. CMT650 IS DESIGNED FOR ?12MM STRAIGHT BITS: -Template made of stable and hardened material. -For 90? and 45? joints. -Integrated templates for rounding over and chamfering edges. -Extra location bush for worktop width of 600mm. -Two integrated templates for panel bolt recesses. -Delivered with a clear and comprehensive instruction manual. COMBINATION ROUTERS/ACCESSORIES Router Guide bush Base plate CMT7E 899.007.00 CMT300-SB CMT8E 899.007.00 CMT300-SB NON-CMT 899.007.00 CMT300-SB1

Descr. DIM Code Ava. Price Quantity
Kitchen Worktop Jig   420~650  CMT650. product available
€ 121,55
VAT inc. € 149,51

Spare parts

CMT650. 912.120.11

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