Universal Boring Jig

This universal boring jig has been designed for precise and productive manual dowelling of furniture elements and guarantees high precision work and productivity. The holes have been made with a distance of 32mm between one another, in compliance with the European regulations for doweling machine production.

Also, the dowel jig fits CMT '8mm shank HW drill bits, clamped into a special boring adaptor.

  • For edge dowelling and jointing.
  • Precise holes.
  • Detachable end stops.
  • Ergonomic manual tighteners.
  • Precise and flat duralumin profile.


  • Max board width in one tightening: 656mm
  • Max. board width: No limits.
  • For dowels: Ø8mm.
  • For through holes: Ø7mm.
  • Hole distance: 32mm.
  • Number of  Ø18mm holes: 2x20mm.
  • Board thickness: 16~40mm.
  • Facet (elements lap): 0,8mm.
Descr. DIM Code Ava. Price Quantity
Universal Boring Jig  656  CMT656. product available
€ 153,73
VAT inc. € 189,08

Spare parts

CMT656. CMT400-1 306.030.21

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