Universal boring template

For dowelling into a surface. For shelf supports. For hinges. CMT?s universal boring template has been designed for precise and productive manual dowelling of furniture elements by using 32mm Euro-System screws, for boring shelf supports with 3mm or 5mm in diametre and for making and marking hinge holes. By using this template you can prebore the most popular hinge types and also to bore holes for pivots, wooden screws and hinges on the base element, as well as prebore door hinges, included the marking of holes featuring 35mm in diametre for hinges. This template will guarantee high precision work and productivity and has been designed to be used in pair with the specific CMT400-1 boring adaptor supporting any ?8mm shank drill bits featuring different diametres. TECHNICAL DETAILS: -Max. board width in one tightening: 900mm. -Max board width: no limits. -Board thickness: no limits. -For dowels: ?8mm. -Hole distance: 32mm. -Number of holes: 26. -For shelf support: ?3mm, ?5mm. -For hinges: ?3mm for wooded screws. ?5mm for Euro screws. CMT900 BORING TEMPLATE INCLUDES: -Boring template from laminated pertinax. -End stop set. -End stop set for large elements. -Centring pin for hinges.

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Universal Boring Hinge   900  CMT900. product available
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CMT900. CMT400-1 306.030.21

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