Universal Diamond Whetstones In Hardwood Case

For professional, industrial and home users

  • FAST: real quality diamond, the hardest known material, reduces the sharpening process.
  • EASY: stoke the blade across surface with little pressure.
  • DURABLE: we use natural diamonds for long-lasting performance.
  • VERSATILE: for sharpening any hard material, steel, glass, ceramic, tungsten carbide, etc.

A unique production process to guarantee a long tool life.

A perforated steel plate is moulded onto a strong plastic base by applying high pressure. The steel is then covered with natural diamonds embedded into a nickel plate. The pattern of diamond coating ensures fast sharpening, whereas the plastic indents hold the lubricating water and disperse the fine dust emitted by the diamonds during sharpening.

The diamond whetstones are available in four meshes for multiple purposes:

  1. D15 EXTRAFINE/GREEN (9 microns, 1200 mesh): To refine and polish sharp edges to razor sharp perfection. If you are new to sharpening or need your knife or tool edges as sharp as possible, this grain type is not recommended, but if this suffice, then this is what you are looking for.
  2. D25 FINE/RED (25 microns, 600 mesh): To restore any slightly dull knife or tool edges to perfect sharpness. Many customers consider the fine grit grain to be suitable to satisfy any working need. Professional chefs and gourmet cooks prefer using this grit grain too. For woodworkers and sportsmen who are stepping through this grit, it is the edge refinement process before micro- refinement and polishing.
  3. D46 COARSE/BLUE (45 microns, 325 mesh): To quickly restore dull edges to cutting sharp again. Workers who need fast cutting action without caring for edge refinement often use this grit grain.
  4. D76 EXTRA COARSE/BLACK (60 microns, 220 mesh): Recommended for aggressive removal of metal on damaged tools or for heavy-duty outdoor tools such as axes and lawn mower blades. Also, this grit grain is commonly used as a first step for flattening the back of chisel and plane irons or for rapid stock removal from chipped or badly damaged edges.
Material Descr. DIM Code Ava. Price Quantity
D15  Extrafine - Green  150x52x16  DSS-150E product not available
€ 84,37
VAT inc. € 103,78
D25  Fine - Red  150x52x16  DSS-150F product available
€ 84,37
VAT inc. € 103,78
D76  Extra Coarse - Black  150x52x16  DSS-150G product available
€ 84,37
VAT inc. € 103,78
D46  Coarse - Blue  150x52x16  DSS-150M product available
€ 84,37
VAT inc. € 103,78

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