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300W Oscillating Multi-Tool


300W Oscillating Multi-Tool Versatile and powerful 300W oscillating multi tool that cuts, sands, scrapes, grinds, rasps and...

From € 101,63 (€ 125,00 VAT inc.)

Double Mini Pocket-Hole Jig Set 8pce.


Double Mini Pocket-Hole Jig Set 8pce Strong nylon body in a compact design. For drilling pocket holes in wood for repeated...

From € 32,52 (€ 40,00 VAT inc.)

T4 Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Jig


Bench-clamping jig with strong, nylon body and hardened steel drill guides. Drills pocket holes quickly with rotating plate for 4 preset settings in...

From € 40,65 (€ 50,00 VAT inc.)

T6 Pocket-Hole Jig Master Set 12pce


Bench-mounted Jig for drilling pocket holes in wood for repeated use in joinery work, such as panel fixing and corners. Features a unique SpeedDrive™...

From € 113,82 (€ 140,00 VAT inc.)

Double-edge trimmer


Attach this trimmer to your workpiece, press both ends against the board for a cutting range between 13mm (1/2°) and 25mm (1°), move the trimmer...

From € 5,92 (€ 7,28 VAT inc.)

Edge banding end trimmer DET-002


An indispensable tool for easy and safe end trimming after edge banding. Position the tool on the banding, press down on the handle to operate the blade...

From € 4,88 (€ 6,00 VAT inc.)

Digital Height Gauge


Horizontal and vertical measuring. Self-standing for setting cutting depth on router tables and low profiles for backfence adjustment. ...

From € 26,65 (€ 32,78 VAT inc.)

CMT Digital Moisture Meter


Ideal for use in woodworking, building construction and agriculture industries. The DMM-001 is also invaluable to the restoration field....

From € 27,64 (€ 34,00 VAT inc.)

Industrial laminated and chipboard saw blades


TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: Teeth height mm: 8 CHROMIUM ISO grade: KRC06 Hardness (HV10):...

From € 23,57 (€ 28,99 VAT inc.)

Triton 1400W Plunge Track Saw


Easily accessible shaft-lock aids fast, convenient blade-change. Plunge lock for safety enhancement. Soft-grip handles. Fits to guide track system for...

From € 20,33 (€ 25,01 VAT inc.)

Thicknesser 1100W 317mm


High performance thicknesser with 317mm /12-1/2" cutting width. 17,500 cuts per minute. Easy, accurate setting of depth of cut in 1.6mm / 1/16"...

From € 32,51 (€ 39,99 VAT inc.)

Triton 120W Whetstone Sharpener


Whetstone sharpener with high-grade, pre-dressed 220 grit grindstone. Water-cooled slow speed ensures the edge does not overheat and lose sharpness....

From € 243,90 (€ 300,00 VAT inc.)

350W Oscillating Tilting Table Spindle Sander 380mm


Dual-action rotating and vertically oscillating spindle for fast sanding and improved work rate. 0 - 45° tilting table for easy chamfering and edge...

From € 182,93 (€ 225,00 VAT inc.)

SCruffs Trade Shorts Black


Hard-wearing work shorts designed for lasting comfort. Regular fit for classic look. Lightweight twill fabric with heavy-duty canvas pocket reinforcements...

From € 40,65 (€ 50,00 VAT inc.)

Scruffs Trade Shorts Slate


Hard-wearing work shorts designed for lasting comfort. Regular fit for classic look. Lightweight twill fabric with heavy-duty canvas pocket reinforcements...

From € 40,65 (€ 50,00 VAT inc.)

1450W Sliding Mitre Saw 210mm


Powerful 1450W motor and precision clean cutting 210mm 24T blade. Lightweight transportable design. Smooth dual bar sliding system. Precise laser cut...

From € 105,68 (€ 129,99 VAT inc.)

Triton 1400W Track Saw Kit 4pce


A complete kit that deserves pride of place in every workshop. The versatile and highly portable Plunge Track Saw TTS1400 is supplied with all the accessories...

From € 243,90 (€ 300,00 VAT inc.)

1500W Sander/Polisher + 3 Pads


Car Polisher Package  This dual-purpose power tool is ideal for polishing and buffing car bodywork and for sanding tasks. Speed control...

From € 97,56 (€ 120,00 VAT inc.)

1200W Sander & Polisher w/ Pads


Mains-powered sander/polisher with 180mm hook and loop backing pad for sanding, polishing and buffing. Variable speed control and sturdy D-handle for...

From € 66,66 (€ 81,99 VAT inc.)

Halo 2 Safety Trainers


Sports-style safety trainers with steel toe and composite midsole for lightweight flexibility. Suede upper with padded tongue and ankle collar for extra...

From € 56,91 (€ 70,00 VAT inc.)

Steel-Toe Nubuck Boot Black


Scruffs Twister Nu-Buck Safety Boots Scruffs TWISTER series safety work-boots are a mid-ankle work-boot with a protective...

From € 69,11 (€ 85,01 VAT inc.)

Silverline 2050W Plunge Router 1/2"


Variable speed control and soft-start eliminates machine movement on start-up. 50mm plunge depth with fine adjustment dial. Spindle lock for easy router...

From € 105,69 (€ 130,00 VAT inc.)

GMC 18V Cordless Circular Saw 165mm


Compact cordless circular saw with 4.0Ah Li-ion high capacity battery and intelligent 80min charger. Cast aluminium base for lightness, strength and...

From € 162,60 (€ 199,99 VAT inc.)

GMC 750W Pendulum Action Jigsaw with Laser Guide


Magnesium construction for unrivalled strength, durability and lightness in weight. Laser line generator for improved operator cutting vision, accuracy,...

From € 73,17 (€ 90,00 VAT inc.)

GMC 550W Auto-Feed Drywall Screwdriver


Auto-feed driver for fast, repeated driving of screws into plasterboard/drywall and wood. Fast click-fit assembly. Can be used as a powered single screwdriver...

From € 97,56 (€ 120,00 VAT inc.)

GMC Compact Plunge Saw 110mm & Track Kit


Compact 1050W plunge saw with cast aluminium base, blade guards and dust port. Includes 4 versatile blades for cutting a wide range of materials including...

From € 12,19 (€ 15,00 VAT inc.)

Silverline 1050W Angle Grinder 125mm


Powerful 1050W motor for grinding and cutting metals, stone and concrete. Also compatible with wire cup brushes and flap discs for rapid removal of...

From € 65,03 (€ 79,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline Assorted Drill Bit Set 204pce


51 HSS titanium-coated drill bits; 42 black finished HSS drill bits; 14 masonry; 18 wood-boring drill bits; 3 pilot drill bits; 47 screwdriver bits;...

From € 40,64 (€ 49,99 VAT inc.)

GMC 900W Angle Grinder 115mm


Powerful 900W motor for grinding and cutting metals, stone and masonry. Also compatible with wire cup brushes and flap discs for rapid removal of rust,...

From € 42,27 (€ 51,99 VAT inc.)

1200W Compound Mitre Saw 210mm


Powerful 1200W motor and precision high performance 210mm 24T TCT blade. Laser cut line indicator and triple LED worklights. Compound, 0-45° bevel...

From € 105,68 (€ 129,99 VAT inc.)

GMC 8 Inch Double Bar Sliding Mitre Saw


Powerful 1800W motor and precision high performance 210mm 24T TCT blade. Smooth dual bar sliding system. Laser cut line indicator and triple LED work...

From € 178,85 (€ 219,99 VAT inc.)

Triton 450W Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander


Double configuration with fast, easy changing between spindle sander and belt sander. Dual rotating and vertically oscillating action for fast sanding...

From € 205,08 (€ 252,24 VAT inc.)

Silverline 1800W Bench Planer


Mains-powered planer with heavy-duty cast base for accurate, smooth planing of wood and plastic surfaces. Adjustable fence tilts between 90° and...

From € 162,60 (€ 199,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline 96W Multipurpose Sharpener


Sharpens HSS drill bits, chisels, knives, scissors, plane irons and other blades. includes jigs for precise set up of sharpening angle. Sharpens quickly...

From € 48,78 (€ 60,00 VAT inc.)

CMT333 Universal hinges boring system


The innovative CMT333 hinge boring system with 3 spindle-heads allows you to bore holes for any hinge brand, such as Salice, Blum,...

From € 194,28 (€ 238,96 VAT inc.)

Hoffmann MU3


Free Delivery & Set-up to anywhere in Ireland.  Instructional Video:

From € 1.990,00 (€ 2.447,70 VAT inc.)

GMC 1250W Wet Stone Cutter 110mm w/ Two Blades


  Laying a patio? Demolishing a wall or building a house? Or do you just enjoy the feeling of controlled, precise power at your fingertips?...

From € 8,03 (€ 9,87 VAT inc.)

350W Bench Belt & Disc Sander 390mm


Bench-mounted combined belt sander and 150mm disc sander. Long-life induction motor with sealed bearings. Double dust extraction ports. Dual-position,...

From € 113,82 (€ 139,99 VAT inc.)

GMC 1300W Burnisher Drum Sander


High-performance burnisher drum sander ideal for burnishing, polishing, die-polishing and sanding a wide range of metals, wood and other materials....

From € 131,92 (€ 162,26 VAT inc.)

Silverline 420W Drum Sander 60mm


Adjustable 0-45° arm angle and quick-fit mechanism for easy tool-free fitting of accessories. Fast effective sanding on a wide range of surfaces....

From € 69,10 (€ 84,99 VAT inc.)

Flexible Knee Pads


Lightweight, hard wearing EVA foam knee pads designed to fit Scruffs trousers. Penetration-resistant. Strap-free design reduces chafing. Made from flexible...

From € 16,25 (€ 19,99 VAT inc.)

600W Wall & Ceiling Sander 225mm w/ Carry Case


High performance wall and ceiling sander with powerful 600W motor with 1500rpm, soft start and variable speed control. Self-adjusting sanding base....

From € 154,46 (€ 189,99 VAT inc.)

18V Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool


Versatile Li-ion oscillating tool that cuts, sands, scrapes, grinds and polishes. Quick-release universal accessory mounting. Delivers high-performance...

From € 97,57 (€ 120,00 VAT inc.)

18V Combi Hammer Drill w/ Carry Case


Combi hammer drill with intelligent 1hr charger and 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery, 13mm keyless Sanou chuck and twin-speed all-metal gears. 16 torque settings...

From € 89,43 (€ 110,00 VAT inc.)

280W Random Orbit Sander


Powerful and compact random orbit sander with 125mm dia hook and loop backing pad. Features variable speed of 7000-12,000min-1, operated by an easily...

From € 69,91 (€ 85,99 VAT inc.)

Digital Moisture Meter


Digital moisture gauge with back-lit LCD display. Determines moisture in wood, plaster, concrete and mortar. Ideal for checking firewood, damp walls...

From € 20,33 (€ 25,00 VAT inc.)

WoodRack Storage System


Provides generous storage capacity for timber, pipes and other long items. For internal or external mounting applications in workshops, garages, sheds,...

From € 60,97 (€ 74,99 VAT inc.)

450W Mini Planer 60mm


Powerful 450W planer with 6-stop depth control for precise material removal. Safety lock-off button and trigger switch are mounted on an ergonomic,...

From € 68,25 (€ 83,95 VAT inc.)

Screwdriver Set 100pce


Hardened chrome vanadium blades and tips. Soft-grip handles. Includes drivers: 9 x slotted (3 x 75, 4 x 100, 5 x 75, 5 x 100, 6 x 100, 5 x 150, 6 x...

From € 32,51 (€ 39,99 VAT inc.)

Silverline DIY Router Table with Protractor


Bench-mounted table which combines with a standard router to create a full-featured router table. Capable of shaping, planing, rebating, trenching,...

From € 81,30 (€ 100,00 VAT inc.)

Silverline 8 Inch Hobby Band Saw


Built from aluminium this is powerful DIY bandsaw with a 350W induction motor. Max cutting depth is 80mm and it's max cutting width is 190mm. The...

From € 145,71 (€ 179,22 VAT inc.)

Silverline DIY 350W Drill Press


5-speed belt drive. Chuck/spindle travel 0-50mm with gauge for accurate drilling. Strong cast base and machine table. 13mm keyed chuck capacity.

From € 81,34 (€ 100,05 VAT inc.)

500W Geared Eccentric Orbital Sander


Powerful 500W dual-mode sander with 150mm & 125mm dia backing pad. Features variable speed and electronic speed maintenance under load. Vacuum dust...

From € 243,91 (€ 300,00 VAT inc.)

800W Reciprocating Saw w/ 32 Recip Saw Blade Set


Versatile reciprocating saw with powerful 800W motor. Variable speed trigger and lock-ON button. Quick, tool-free blade change mechanism. Rotary handle...

From € 81,26 (€ 99,95 VAT inc.)

Cordless GMC 12V Impact Driver


3 year guarantee. Impact driver with intelligent 1hr charger and 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery, 1/4" (6.35mm) hex bit holder, reverse and all-metal gears....

From € 73,16 (€ 89,99 VAT inc.)

GMC 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver


Cordless 3.6V screwdriver with comprehensive bit and accessory set. Features adjustable 2-position body and ergonomic rubber-over-moulded handle for...

From € 36,58 (€ 45,00 VAT inc.)

SuperJaws Portable Clamping System


Robust, powder-coated, all-steel construction for long-lasting service life. Powerful 1000kg clamping force for controlled clamping pressure. Clamping...

From € 81,29 (€ 99,99 VAT inc.)

Triton 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router


Powerful 2400W / 3-1/4hp electronically controlled motor. Single spanner ‘above table’ cutter changing. Automatic shaft lock and power lock-off...

From € 280,49 (€ 345,00 VAT inc.)

Triton Clamping Pocket-Hole Jig 8pce


Hardened steel drill guide with 2-drill fixed spacing. Removable drill guide for benchtop or mobile use. 3.2mm (1/8") incremental settings for...

From € 81,29 (€ 99,99 VAT inc.)

Steel-Toe Switchback Work Boots


100% nubuck leather upper with ankle support. Padded collar and tongue. Features:  Safety Rating: S3 SRA HRO 200J Steel...

From € 73,17 (€ 90,00 VAT inc.)

Steel-Toe Nubuck Boot Tan


Scruffs Twister Nu-Buck Safety Boots Scruffs TWISTER series safety work-boots are a mid-ankle work-boot with a protective...

From € 69,11 (€ 85,01 VAT inc.)

Water Resistant Trade Rucksack

20 Ltr

Water-resistant fabric rucksack with tough anti-abrasion base. Includes multiple storage compartments including an insulated pocket for food and drink,...

From € 40,65 (€ 50,00 VAT inc.)

Expedition Thermo Softshell Work Jacket


Lightweight work jacket with body-mapped design to insulate the core and provide freedom of movement. Hard-wearing ripstop fabric for long-lasting durability....

From € 65,04 (€ 80,00 VAT inc.)

Worker Gloves 5pk


All-purpose gloves designed for general use. High-grip capability for extra dexterity. Nitrile palm for extra grip. Resistant to cuts, tears, abrasions...

From € 12,20 (€ 15,01 VAT inc.)

3D Trade Work Trousers (Black)


Durable work trousers with abrasion-resistant Cordura® fabric reinforcements, pre-bent legs and built-in gusset for comfort and freedom of movement....

From € 54,47 (€ 67,00 VAT inc.)

3D Trade Work Trousers (Graphite)


Designed with an ergonomic 3D fit for ease of movement. Features tuck away holster pockets, a self-fabric gusset, reinforced hem and triple-stitched...

From € 54,47 (€ 67,00 VAT inc.)

Worker Jacket Charcoal


Robust all-weather waterproof jacket made from hardwearing nylon fabric with taped seams for all-day comfort. Lightweight mesh lining reduces bulk for...

From € 40,65 (€ 50,00 VAT inc.)

Ultimate Thermal Socks Black


Extra-thick durable yarn work socks with long terry cushioning for superior comfort. Superior tog rating to keep feet extra warm. Comfortable stretch...

From € 8,13 (€ 10,00 VAT inc.)

Peaked Knitted Hat Black


Warm, insulated winter peaked beanie hat with soft sherpa wool effect lining, turn up hem and ear flaps for maximum warmth, protection and comfort....

From € 16,26 (€ 20,00 VAT inc.)

Pro Thermal Baselayer Top


Lightweight and quick drying base layers for all-day warmth and comfort. Retains body heat to help conserve energy throughout the working day. Slim-fitting...

From € 24,39 (€ 30,00 VAT inc.)

Pro Thermal Baselayer Bottoms


Lightweight, quick-drying base layers for all-day comfort. Retains body heat to help conserve energy throughout the working day. Helps to regulate body...

From € 24,39 (€ 30,00 VAT inc.)

Set of 2 magnetic CMT knife setting jigs


Insert your knives into your tool holders and align them perfectly with this set! Perfect micro adjustments on your knives will guarantee excellent...

From € 53,95 (€ 66,36 VAT inc.)

Workcentre, Router Table & Contractor Saw Module Kit


Triple workshop pack featuring a full-feature table saw, router table (MOF001, TRA001 or JOF001 router required) and clamping table. Contractor Saw...

From € 804,88 (€ 990,00 VAT inc.)

GMC 18v Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack


18V Combi Drill and Impact Driver Twin Pack with 1.5Ah li-ion batteries and intelligent 1hr charger. All-metal gearing and vibration-reducing soft-grip...

From € 154,47 (€ 189,99 VAT inc.)

450W Palm Sander 64mm


Compact, lightweight sander that fits in the palm of the hand. Efficient 450W motor makes light work of common sanding applications. Compact 64 x 406mm...

From € 48,78 (€ 59,99 VAT inc.)

Triton 1500W Triple Blade Planer 180mm


Patented, 3-blade design and 10-position depth control knob for precise material removal. Adjustable front handle with soft grip for added comfort....

From € 245,52 (€ 302,00 VAT inc.)

CMT Measuring Tools Promo Pack


Get all of the popular CMT measuring tools in one box at a discounted set price. Each box comes with one each of the following.

From € 73,16 (€ 89,99 VAT inc.)

T12 Drill Driver 12V


The T12DD Drill Driver features a quick-release removable 10mm (3/8") keyless chuck and concealed 1/4" magnetic bit holder, 17+1 torque settings,...

From € 89,43 (€ 110,00 VAT inc.)

T12 Angle Drill 12V


Versatile angle drill for working in confined areas. Low-profile keyless 10mm (3/8") chuck. Compact, precision motor provides 18Nm of torque. Well-balanced,...

From € 118,39 (€ 145,62 VAT inc.)

Double Mini Pocket-Hole Jig


Strong nylon body in a compact design. For use with minimum 12mm (1/2") materials. Designed and optimised for indoor and outdoor projects. Hardened...

From € 32,52 (€ 40,00 VAT inc.)

Universal Dovetail Jig


Dovetail joints give a touch of craftsmanship to your work, but many woodworkers avoid these joints, because of their apparent complexity. CMT’s...

From € 6,92 (€ 8,51 VAT inc.)

Solid carbide upcut spiral bits.


Sharp technology with a new twist A special super-micrograin carbide formulation was created to produce and hold a keen cutting edge. The new low-angle...

From € 12,76 (€ 15,69 VAT inc.)

T12 Impact Driver 12V


The T12ID Impact Driver features a quick-release ¼" hex bit holder for high speed, high torque driving of screws, nuts and bolts....

From € 119,96 (€ 147,55 VAT inc.)

Formula 2050 - blade and bit cleaner

Formula 2050

Finally a safe, environmentally-friendly cleaner that is more effective than all those hazardous chemicals used for cleaning cutting tools. Saw shops...

From € 10,27 (€ 12,63 VAT inc.)

450W Oscillating Spindle Sander


Large 370 x 295mm cast iron table for stability and enhanced material support. Rotating and oscillating action for increased speed and efficiency and...

From € 158,54 (€ 195,00 VAT inc.)

710W Dowelling Jointer


Double dowel drilling with 710W motor and 32mm spacing. Simplifies furniture and shelving construction. All-metal mechanism and gearing for long life....

From € 158,54 (€ 195,00 VAT inc.)

1200W Belt Sander 75mm


Powerful 1200W / 5.5A motor for rapid stock removal with variable speed control. Small diameter front roller for sanding confined areas and detailed...

From € 175,59 (€ 215,98 VAT inc.)

Triton Pendulum Action Jigsaw 750W


Powerful 750W motor with 3-stage pendulum action provides incredible cutting performance. Dual axis grips allow the tool to be held with both vertical...

From € 130,08 (€ 160,00 VAT inc.)

650W Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander


Portable, hand-held oscillating spindle sander for controlled, burn-free edge sanding for cabinetry, sign making, sink openings, and woodworking. Dual-action...

From € 93,50 (€ 115,00 VAT inc.)

CMT Dovetail router bits


The beautifully crafted dovetail joint is a classic that appeals to both professionals and novices alike. Admired for its attractiveness in box and...

From € 13,39 (€ 16,47 VAT inc.)



CMT11 Multitool is a tough new oscillating tool that takes a variety of blades or attachments for sanding and cutting a wide variety of materials. Multitools...

From € 65,00 (€ 79,95 VAT inc.)

Super jaws portable clamping system CMT200


The CMT200 Superjaws is the workstation you take right to the job; indoors, outdoors, construction sites or the factory floor. It provides fast...

From € 121,94 (€ 149,99 VAT inc.)

CMT Professional Tool Bag


- Top zipped wide opening design for easy approaching tools. - Hard rubber bottom keeps bag sturdy, protects content from falls. - 6...

From € 18,20 (€ 22,39 VAT inc.)

2400W router with standard equipment


TECHNICAL FEATURES: -Power: 2400 watt. -No load speed: 8.000-20.000 RPM. -Plunge stroke: 0-68mm. -Collet diameter: ?6-12,7mm. -Tool weight: 6 Kg. STANDARD...

From € 325,21 (€ 400,01 VAT inc.)

Professional router table system


Our quality bits have been designed for you, the professional craftsman, to allow you to confidently work at your best. CMT now offers even more possibilities...

From € 342,00 (€ 420,66 VAT inc.)

Bimetal CMT hole saws 551


TECHNICAL FEATURES: Perfect round back plate. Fast & easy center drill change. Thick steel body.   Bimetal...

From € 11,12 (€ 13,67 VAT inc.)

550W professional trimmer


TECHNICAL FEATURES: Power: 550 Watt No load speed: 32.000 RPM Plunge stroke: 0-24mm Collet...

From € 97,56 (€ 120,00 VAT inc.)

ITK Plus crosscut saw blades


TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: Teeth height mm: 5-8 -CHROMIUM ISO grade: K01 Hardness...

From € 13,59 (€ 16,71 VAT inc.)

7 piece multiprofile cutter head sets with limiters


CMT has designed these sets containing 7 profiled knives and a cutter head for making joints, frames and chamfers. The cutter heads allow the insertion...

From € 191,43 (€ 235,45 VAT inc.)

Band saw for wood


The final price of the bandsaw blade for wood has increased by a cost ditches € 6.15 ( VAT included) due to welding. The price shown...

From € 5,00 (€ 6,15 VAT inc.)

Multiradius roundover cutter heads 694.003


TECHNICAL DETAILS: Hard aluminium alloy body with high resistance to tensile and yield stress. 2 HWM knives...

From € 124,54 (€ 153,18 VAT inc.)

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